SBI Bank LLC: working with Russian panache and Japanese preciseness

SBI Bank LLC is the Russian universal bank with Japanese capital and unique concept that combines many years of the experience in Russian banking market and Japanese innovations in the sphere of finance.

SBI Bank LLC has been operating at the market since 1994 (formerly CB “Obibank”), during the time it managed to ensure a strong position at the securities market as well as to develop such important business lines as lending to corporate and individual clients.

In 2011 SBI Holdings, Inc., a Japanese financial holdings specializing in developing financial services via internet, became a shareholder of the Bank. SBI Bank LLC has benefited from this by getting a new impulse to expand to a retail internet banking business.

Using the advanced experience in innovative finances provided by the Japanese partner along with the local expertise SBI Bank LLC could develop and implement an unsurpassed by its technical features banking online system and polish all business processes in Japanese meticulous manner.

Simplicity, mobility, reliability and transparency – these are the key characteristics of the products and services provided by SBI Bank LLC today. We appreciate and respect the time and values of our customers and offer each of them attractive and profitable in every respect financial products, the most convenient and intuitively comprehensible internet bank interface, prompt, friendly and competent service.

SBI Bank LLC strives to meet high expectations of our customers, continuously improving technology of services. Our motto is – continuous evolution. We develop efficient business-strategies and constantly improve the quality of our services in order to give to our customers the confidence in doing the right choice and to provide them with the optimism for tomorrow.